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Artist of the moment……Charles Dickson

Charles Dickson is an African American artist renown for his work with wood. Dickson is a self taught artist. Dickson is inspired by the culture and art of Africa and Mexico. In addition to wood the artist works in bronze and also with stone.

Charles Dickson was born in the year 1947.

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California African American Museum and Wishing on a Star sculpture

 Created by African Diaspora sculptor Charles Dickson, "Wishing On A Star" is a sculpture made of all recycled materials. There are everyday objects, including a Dell computer, carburetor, a funnel, socket wrenches and rebar. Located in front of the California African American Museum in Exposition Park in Los Angeles.

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Aspects Of Nude

Aspects of Nude showcases the ways in which artists have portrayed the human form in its purest state: bare. For centuries the study of nude models, in various poses, has been a fundamental source for artists to master drawing skills and learn to represent the subtleties of the human physique. The works in this exhibition capture the essence of the male and female body through both realistic and abstract compositions using a spectrum of materials. 

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Studio Visit with Charles Dickson: When Nina Simone Sings Your Name and Other Stories…

By Gary Brewer

Charles Dickson seeks to create a language that conveys what he terms, “the black American aesthetic”.  He sees himself as a conduit or vehicle from which he can strive to speak truth, in a state of calm he lets images and ideas flow forth, his language of symbols available to communicate the narratives. He compared his images and symbols to Egyptian Hieroglyphics and said that through repetition he strives to create a personal language that communicates his ideas and reflections of the world. Charles work expresses his desire to find freedom, to flow from one image or symbol to another and to create sculptures that speak in tongues, like a sibyl in an altered state, divining truths that come from a deep spiritual source.

Charles freely blends carvings of penises, vaginas, women, black power fists, African sculpture with images of lynching’s and other horrors of racism; the work bridges the space between powerful emotional catharsis of raw unfiltered emotion and celebratory songs of spirituality and joy.

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